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Top 5 benefits of Facebook Advertising

The one force driving the modern society to do anything is social media. Social media is a platform that everyone including your audience uses, through the means of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Facebook being the platform where most number of social media users log in, it is one of the most important tool for marketing. Here are 5 benefits of Facebook advertising:

1. Your audience is on Facebook

80% of all internet users are on Facebook and every second there are about 20,000 people using Facebook. Thus, regardless of who your targeted audience is, they are using Facebook at some point during the day giving you a wider customer base.

2. Facebook advertising has great targeting capabilities

Facebook advertising is able to reach the audience that you desire with great precision. Whether it is the behavior, demographics, interests, age groups, languages or the location you are looking for, Facebook’s targeting capabilities can go pretty deep with all your preferences layered upon one another to ensure that you are reaching the exact audience you desire.

3. Cheapest form of advertising

Facebook ads tends to only cost a fraction of what other online marketing channels would cost. The minimum spend for an ad on Facebook is somewhere around $1 a day. Even with a smaller budget, you can still reach a number of people by keeping your targeted audience as specific as possible.

4. More effective than organic Facebook reach

The days of organic Facebook marketing are gone. Meaning if you have a business page that you want to promote organically, according to statistics less than 0.5% of your fans on average will actually be able to see what you post. Facebook has reduced the visibility of business pages on news feeds and home pages. Thus, to reach your audience, you need to promote your page in order for people to be able to see your updates.

5. Builds Engagement

With Facebook Advertising, you will be able to generate greater traffic to your website. It builds engagement with your target audience which consist of likes, comments and other interactions on your advertisement. With greater engagement with your audience, a stronger connection is being made with them and greater the possibilities of them becoming your customers in the future.

At Oxbridge Digital, we make social media advertising our top priority to engage the greatest number of audience. Get in touch with us if you wish to increase your Facebook advertising skills significantly.